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7 Energy Healing Life Hacks

Realize everything is energy.  Think of your mind as energy, everyone can have negative and positive thoughts. It is your job to focus on the thoughts that make you feel good this can be done by controlling your breath. Now its up to you to decide which thoughts to let go that don’t make you feel good in the heart. Energy flows where attention goes.


Eat live foods that contain enzymes. Enzymes are substances which make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction in that occurs in our body. Neither vitamins, minerals, or hormones can do any work — without enzymes. If you eat junk food it steals the energy from your body in order to break down that food. Read more about enzymes here.


Reconnect with yourself everyday. Put focus on yourself to become in tune with your body. This can help you truly express yourself how you want to. Make a morning ritual that will benefit your mental state of mind. For example running, yoga, swimming, biking, meditation, lifting weights…etc.


Protect yourself from radiation. Crystals absorb and give off energy. Crystals are from the earth and make up the fabric of technology. To find out which crystals absorb electromagnet radiation which we get from our computer, phones and other technologies click here!


Control your body language. SMILE! You can create a welcoming invitation for positive energy by smiling. Keep a straight spine when you are hunched over you cause energy blockages in your spin, meaning energy can not efficiently flow throughout the body. Heavy weight lifters know this trick.


Find your true path. Whatever you are seeking for will seek for you. Connect to your heart and do what you love. It will make it a lot easier to get up in the morning and enjoy your whole day.


Let go of grudges. Free your heat space, let go of guilt and forgive yourself. Let go of fear, fear leads to stress. Free your heart to free your mind, free your mind to free yourself. the-heart-is-more-stronger-than-the-brain[1] Message of love everyday. Connect with anyone who reminds you of your true self. You can do this by sending a text message just to say hello or hanging out and doing anything like going to the beach or getting lunch. Whether it be family members, old friends or new friends, its all about the connection which can give you more energy.


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