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Q & A: Becoming Connected to Your Vision

On this segment of Q & A Day, I talked about something a lot of us may deal with in various stages of life. Sometimes, we can find ourselves “playing it small” when it comes to our business or even goals. Our topic today was sent in by Denise, who is a business owner who is feeling challenged and inadequate in taking her business to the next level. She is, like all of us, in a constant balancing act between her personal life and her business, but is starting to feel stuck. She sees the bigger picture for her business, but is having a hard time getting there.

How to Acknowledge What is Keeping You From Your Vision

The first step to tackling this is acknowledgement. Acknowledging that we are taking on more busywork with no purpose is taking that leap forward in fixing this problem. To go further, why do we do that? Why do we take on more busywork?

Oftentimes, it’s because we don’t have a concrete vision of the bigger picture and the connection to it is lost. When you hear about people who are making leaps and bounds in their life or business, it’s usually because they are deeply connected to their passion and the bigger picture. That connection then creates an inner drive to conquer it all and in a sense “fire on all cylinders.”

Determining The “Why” for Your Vision

Well, how does that happen? This happens when there is a bigger picture vision and you are deeply connected to it. To be deeply connected to it means you feel it and it comes from the heart. This is connected to the common phrase of your “why.” Knowing and truly connecting with your “why” is what creates that inner drive, internal motive, and what’s pushing you towards that.

For Denise, her “why” seems to be her family and her personal relationships. Looking deeper at this, you can see the disconnect from the business and the “why.” Why are you creating all these other projects that are not serving that “why” and not progressing your business? Why do you want to hold yourself back? Importantly, what would be the risk of creating a successful business?

How to Become More Deeply Connected to Your Vision

You want to become really deeply connected to your vision, because when that becomes clear, so do the steps to get there. When that connection is present, the how will always present itself without fail.

The whole idea of creating projects or busywork stems from not really knowing the next steps to take. When this happens, there is more than likely a breakdown somewhere in your overall vision. We oftentimes can believe our overall vision is one thing, but turns out it’s another thing. Your overall vision has to hit you in your heart and you have to envision yourself physically stepping into that, then you’ll know it.

Connecting to how that feels and truly understanding that vision can bring you to tears. This happens because your vision is so powerful and filled with passion, and you absolutely know that it is your higher purpose. No one can give you that—that all comes from within. The path will become clearer the more you are connected to that vision. That way you won’t get caught up with the busywork, projects and mundane tasks and eventually, if they have to be done, you can delegate with ease.

Why? This is because you have something that is driving you to a much higher purpose and, with that, you can see more ways to free up your time to take you there. Nothing can derail you when you have that deep connection. All in all, you have to start first with your vision, then get deeply connected to it, feel it in your heart, and from there the steps and the path will become clear as day.


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