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Best Autoresponders for Email Marketing

For those who are new to marketing, in the process of building their brand, sales people and small business alike, email follow up campaigns are a must in today’s tech savvy world. Email marketing allows you to multiple yourself and reach more people win a shorter amount of time. The way to market through email is with the help of an autoresponder.  An autoresponder is like having a small army of salespeople out in the world helping to spread the word about you, your company and your services.  But with so many choices vying for your attention it’s hard to know which service is right for your business. In this article we break down three of the best autoresponders for email marketing in detail. For those of you who are not yet up-to -speed with the benefits of utilizing a service like this, no worries, we go over it below. Autoresponders and email marketing tools are used to continuously follow-up with your clients and potential customers, keeping them informed on the latest opportunities your company offers. These tools can help you retain your loyal customers and stimulate traffic to your site. Once you have decided that these services will be useful to your company, some questions remain that will reflect on which company your company should use. Do you desire the highest level of deliverability to your contacts? Are you interested in importing your offline contacts? Is integrating your list management with a shopping cart option beneficial to your company? As a company, what is your desired monthly spending limit? Based on your answers to these questions, different services and companies will appeal to towards your needs. Below I will go over some of the top companies that may be specifically tailored to what you are in search of.

Our list of the best autoresponders for email marketing – part 1


AWeber is a site for companies that are managing lists that range from hundreds to tens of thousands of leads that are collected through the Internet. The main advantage that AWeber has on the market is that it is known to have the best deliverability ratings. It is highly recommended to use AWeber if you are mainly using opt-in forms because your intended emails always get delivered, they will get clicked on, and they will be opened. The only downside to using AWeber is that is doesn’t allow the incorporation of leads from offline sources. mentions, “ AWeber is cuurently in use by over 120K businesses and it’s easily the most popular autoresponder used by Internet marketers everywhere”. If you feel that AWeber matches the autoresponder that you are in search of, be sure to utilize their $1 AWeber trial and their 30-day money back guarantee.

Aweber automated email marketing with high deliverability
Aweber automated email marketing with high deliverability



MailChimp is the most promising place for beginner marketers to establish an understanding of mailing lists at zero expense. MailChimp offers a “forever free” plan that enables you to develop a mailing list of up to 500 users. This site is the best alternative for those who aren’t willing to go spend hundreds of dollars for autoresponders and similar services. MailChimp is one of the best email marketing tools for businesses starting out. More than 9 million people utilizing MailChimp to design their emails send more than 600 million emails everyday. This site walks you through the steps of designing, sending, and keeping track of your emails.

Mailchimp sample email marketing template
Mailchimp sample email marketing template


Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is a marketing tool that is best fit for users with mailing lists that consist of hundreds to tens of thousands. What sets Constant Contact aside from other email marketing tools is its ability to incorporate graphic emails. Additionally, when using Constant Contact you can easily upload your email list from Gmail, Outlook, Excel, and other platforms. Their tools are known to keep your company’s’ list in good health by consistently updating unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails. Once you hit send, Constant Contacts’ tools are constantly informing you of who are opening, clicking, and even sharing your emails. 98% of Constant Contact emails avoid the spam folder of your targeted lists and prove to be very effective for its users.

Constant Contact email marketing stats
Constant Contact email marketing stats


Selecting the best autoresponder for your email marketing

When selecting an autoresponder and email marketing tool that is best for your company, it is best to determine what exactly your in search of. Because there are various sites that ultimately offer similar features when constructing your emails, it is best to visit the sites recommended above to see what fits. Ultimately autoresponders enable you to send emails daily, weekly, monthly, all within time specified by your company, eliminating the need to do so manually, hence the term autoresponder. If you are in search of the company with the best-rated deliverability, AWeber is the site for you. AWeber even offers a $1 trial subscription with a 30-day money back guarantee. If your company is just starting off, MailChimp can be extremely useful as they offer a “forever free” plan that helps you develop a mailing list up to 500 users. This is the best option for those looking to acquire skills in email marketing at a zero expense, but be ware as your list continues to grow you will be charged and those charges can be higher than other companies. It will all depend on the number of subscribers you currently have, which is why it’s important to glean through your list regularly (we address more on that in this article). Constant Contact enables you to automatically keep your mailing list updated informing  you of inactive or incorrect emails, their templates are some of the easiest to use. These three are the best autoresponders and email marketing tools to consider when you’re  just beginning to venture into the world of automated email marketing.



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