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How to Blast Past Your Fear of Self-Promotion

UGH those inner voices of doubt when your ready to self-promote

In this Q &A session, I talk with a relationship coach who is ready to promote her business but is getting caught in self-doubt worried that people may not like what she has to offer and fearing that she may not ever build er client base – sound familiar?

Many entrepreneurs feel this way at some point, after all no one wants to be rejected. But, hiding behind the fear and playing small actually is a huge disservice to the number of people she could be helping.

Watch for information on some quick fixes to pushing fast the fear and getting your business out there!



This voices tend to creep up for all of us, but taking action is the best antidote.  Do you realize how many other people are struggling with the same fear?  And…just how many of them will succumb to that fear watching you step forth – perhaps a bit shaky at first, but consistently will cure that! 

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