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How to create your ideal business without losing your sanity

Running your own business, one that affords you the opportunity, resources and freedom to live on your terms, is often the number one goal of entrepreneurs and the desire to get there is strong…at least initially.  That is until tech frustration, project overwhelm and lack of results dampen the dream.  

Yet, plenty of people do go on to achieve their goal of having their perfect business and lifestyle.  So how do they do it?  What’s the secret?  In today’s blog we’ll go through action steps that will keep you off the hamster wheel of frustration and overwhelm and help you create the business you desire without losing your sanity.

Action steps to creating a business and life you love

Starting with the end in mind is key to success. You must know what you want your business and life to look like; what you’d like to accomplish before you can take action…productive action. 

Asking yourself ‘What’ questions as you start to clarify your vision for yourself will open your mind to possibilities. This is not the time to ask ‘How’.  

‘How’ questions will stop you in your tracks, simply because your mind may not know the ‘how’ yet, but…it will though, as long as you keep your focus on the end result. 

If you’re in the initial stages of creating your business or if you’re looking to expand your business take the time to get clear.

A clear vision opens up the lines of communication not just physically but mentally, remember our minds attract what we focus on.  

When we are focused on the end results, we begin to call forth everything to support those results. So the ‘how’ will work itself out. You’ll be asked to speak, you’ll be led to the people who can help you. You’ll get the call at the right time. The perfect solution will present itself.  

Once you define your intentions, it’s easier to clarify your profit plan and focus on the income producing activities rather than the ‘busy work’ that drains your time.

Two things happen when you define your intention and clarify your profit plan: 

1.) Your mind automatically begins to look for ways to support that goal. This is due to our reticular activation system which basically takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data and presents only the pieces that are important to you. All of this happens at the subconscious level.

2.) You build credibility. It’s far easier to get onboard with someone who has a clear idea of where they are going and has a plan to get there. 


Action steps to help create your ideal business

Ask yourself:

1.) What is your intention for your business? I encourage you to think big, long term….don’t limit yourself, your mind will find a way to support your vision. You’ll have to do the planning and the steps to achieve that vision, but the path will become clearer.

2.) What is the product or service that you have to offer?

3.) What are the numbers for your business? How much do you need to get into profit? How many clients does that equate to? Now double that figure and set that as your 90 day goal. Your mind has the ability to achieve that goal if you allow it to.

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