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Q & A: Creating Your Plan of Action

For this Q&A day, I received a question from Renee about creating a plan of action. Renee has a big-picture vision for herself and is ready to step fully into her business. The problem is, she doesn’t know what her next steps should be. She asked if I could provide her with any help or advice in this area.

First, I would advise you to get connected to your vision and understand your why. What does this look like? You want to set yourself up as if you are already there. Subscribe to the belief that your success is inevitable, then think about what you did to get there. This is priming your brain to give yourself direction. Come from that place and think of the steps you took to get there and whom you had to become.

Take those steps and turn them into goals for you and your business. Does this mean you need to show up more and become more visible? Or, if you bring on a team will that allow you to serve more people faster to reach your big picture vision? What will help you to reach your ideal dollar amount? Break these larger goals up into quarterly goals, then break them down even more so they become incremental steps. Quarterly goals should be broken into 30, 60, and 90-day goals so that you can check your progress.

Remember to always ask yourself if an activity is taking you closer to your big picture vision or is it deterring you? When you get caught up in the little details of running a business, it’s not allowing you to share your expertise and shine in areas you know you should be shining in. Then you will need to consider how to let some things go, delegate to someone else and be the CEO.

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