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Determining Your Purpose and Why

Purpose is hugely important to your business success because it’s the driving force—it’s the thing that keeps you on track. When you know your purpose, you stop looking over your shoulder at what others are doing – you know what you need to achieve results.

The single most important thing you need to possess as a business owner is a vision or, in other words, a sense of purpose.

You need what I call a “take-your-breath-away vision.” The type of vision that stirs your soul. You know what it is on some level. It’s that thing that carries so much impact and meaning for you—the thing that can bring you to tears when you speak of it. It motivates you to push through times of overwhelm, confusion, discomfort, and frustration.

Purpose will always be the driving force that will keep you focused, on track and on task, taking you and your business to a higher level.

But…how do you find that purpose?

How do you make sure it’s not just fulfilling and joyful, but also viable and profitable?

Purpose is the new narrative of business. Your purpose for your business is similar to your why. It enables you to deliver better results and become a leader worth following. Sure, people want to make money. But…they often want to make a difference.

Your WHY is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s your purpose. It’s what inspires you to take action. Your WHY is also what inspires others to take action, share your information, or buy your products.

The power of purpose is similar to the energy of light focused through a magnifying glass. Diffused light has little use, but when its energy is concentrated—as through a magnifying glass—that same light can set fire to paper. Focus its energy even more, as with a laser beam, and it has the power to cut through steel.

Likewise, a clear sense of purpose enables you to focus your efforts on what matters most, compelling you to take risks and push forward regardless of the odds or obstacles.

The hows don’t matter because you know where you’re going, the “hows” then naturally begin to fall into place and the path becomes clear – it has to because it’s law.

Think forward in your life. Who is it that you want to be? Know your why. What do you really want to do rather than what others think you SHOULD do, or what others say you’re really GOOD at?

Letting others determine your course in life will only keep you playing small. Only you know what your true calling is. If you’re having difficulty figuring out what it is that you truly want to do, step outside your comfort zone mentally at first and think about what you really enjoy doing—what gives you a deeper sense of purpose? When you find an intersection between what you’re naturally good at and where the needs of the world intersect, then you’ve arrived at your purpose.

This is about you connecting to a cause that’s bigger than you are, but which is also congruent with who you are what you care about.

Tactics and strategies work, but not necessarily because of the tactic or strategy. They work because of the mindset of the entrepreneur—which is why mindset is such a HUGE part of success!

So, ask yourself – who do you need to BE to manifest your vision? What would that person do? What decision would they make?

People who have a strong reason “why” are 87% more likely to succeed in business than people who don’t. The stronger the reason why you have to do something, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed.

Simply put, having a strong reason “why” is what’s going to power you to pull through.

So, take a minute and think about the reasons why you would like to have a successful, lasting business. Really give it some thought. Why are you reviewing this material right now? Why are you pursing this idea of growing your income online? What is it you want to achieve? A lot of people want more money, of course, but what’s that money for? For most, it comes down to wanting more experiences and more freedom in their lives.

Take some time and figure out exactly what your purpose for creating your business truly is and why you want it.

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