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Q & A: Developing the Structure for a Sustainable Business

Today, I received a question from Suzanne who had an excellent question about developing the structure for a sustainable business. She is a life coach who loves what she does and is currently working one-on-one with her clients. She would love for this to be her full-time business, but is having difficulty in seeing how she can create a sustainable business and make a greater profit.

First, it’s going to be difficult to build a sustainable business if you stay with the one-on-one model. It can work, but you have to constantly bring in new clients and increase your prices. So, you want to start thinking about your main area of expertise and the results you can give to your clients. Once you have identified this, then create an offer for clients and potential clients. When I say offer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a course. The goal is to put together an offer that will deliver the results your clients are after.

When thinking about how to create an offer, think about the people you are serving first and foremost. What are they looking for? What is the best way to get them to see results? Is it a week-long retreat? Workshop? Or a VIP day? Then you will need to create a package that will give them the results they desire and allow you to reach your sales goal. So you have to have a profit goal! How much do you need to make to cover your expenses and step into the lifestyle you want?

You not only need the offer, but a system to get people to the offer! Creating a customer journey or sales system will help push clients to your offer. A part of your sales system should include building an email list to put your offer in front of potential clients. Your lead magnet will be what you use to start adding names to your email list. It could be anything and doesn’t always have to be free. It could be a free 30-minute coaching session, a survey, or a challenge that will allow them to get to know you better. But again, this should focus on the results clients desire to see from working with you.

Lastly, look at your pricing and determine what feels good to you. If you have high-priced services but aren’t comfortable with discussing them with clients, you might want to reevaluate and start with a smaller price range. Initially, it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow into those higher-priced services.

Think in terms of reverse engineering, what is the big-ticket item? How can you take clients through steps to get to the big-ticket item? This is why it’s good to have a guide, workshop, or challenge because if you can give them wins along the way, it will be easier to keep them on as clients.


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