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Q & A: How to Expand Your Business Online

For today’s Q&A day, I received a question from Beth, who is a licensed marriage and family counselor, hypnotherapist and NLP trained looking to expand her business online. She isn’t familiar with the online space and is intimidated by being on camera, but would like to know how she can expand her business online.

What’s the first step to expanding my business online?

The first suggestion to this dilemma is not doing anything that makes you feel intimidated. You first need to figure out what platform your cliental is using. Are they on Instagram? Facebook? Facebook Groups? LinkedIn? This can be found out by going on the different platforms and simply asking them things about the area you are focusing on!

How can a survey help me expand my business online?

Pick one area you want to focus on to expand online and try posting a survey. Based on the responses from that survey, you will be able to determine where a majority of your audience is hanging out. Also, try looking at your audience’s avatar. Who are those people? Who are you working with primarily right now? What is their average age? These are great questions to ask because they will help you to narrow down your focus!

Focus your digital presence to expand your business online

To expand your business online, you should have a presence on social media and a website for the people to search for you online. A website will give potential clients a place to read about you and see testimonials. But trying to be on every platform is a quick way to burn yourself out! Instead, focus on one area of expertise, lead with content around that area and find out where they are hanging out!

Once you know where your clients are, spend your time on that platform! Make sure that your profile page is updated with links to your website, and you offer access to your calendar for potential clients to schedule an appointment or free services that you may offer. Always remember to leave a call to action when you post content on social media!

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