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Build your Twitter following

Athletes do it, celebrities do it, kids do it, heck even your grandmother does it….does what?   Now before your mind goes running down the wrong path – I’m talking about images-2Tweeting of course!  

By now you know social media is important for the life of your business.  So, like it or not you better get with it!  But there’s so many social media platforms where do you begin and how do you actually get people to engage with you?  Lucky for you I’m sharing a 3 part series on building your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn following!  Yeah!!!!  

Unknown-1This post focuses specifically on Twitter!  Here are a few resources that I’ve drawn from and I think you’ll find helpful as well.  You can start building your twitter following by following me now and I’ll return the favor!


Please understand that there are basic rules of conduct that should go without saying across all social media platforms but I’ll mention them here just in case you’re not aware:

1.) No spamming, don’t just throw your link out there – that’s offensive and will cause people to unfollow you.

2.) Give value – enough said!

3.) The rules of engagement apply here – don’t follow everyone and anyone just to boast that you have a huge following, follow people who are of interest to you, so you can engage with them, because engagement will help build your following on twitter and other social networks and ultimately your own website!  


Here are my top resources to get you Tweeting:

Twitter for Newbies – USA Today

8 Ways to get more followers on twitter

How to use twitter to build your brand


*Have other resources that you’ve used – please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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