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Q & A: How can I niche down in my business?

Today’s question comes from Lauren, a Virtual Assistant who is trying to grow her business, but is having difficulty on how she can get very specific with it. She has heard a lot of people mention niching down, but isn’t sure if that pertains to her.

How niching down in your business can help it grow

As a virtual assistant, there are many different areas where you can offer support. Narrowing down your niche for you could mean picking one specific area you are great at and focusing your attention there primarily. In your correspondence and networking, learn to lead with what you’re good at and enjoy doing! By focusing on one area, you grow to be known as an expert in that field.

Niching down in your business can help you expand your team

Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t accept other jobs offer that may be outside of your realm of expertise. This allows an opportunity for outsourcing. You never want to turn away business, so this means being resourceful and bringing what your client may be asking for into your scope of work. This could mean hiring a college student to help you with additional tasks to help you expand into other areas.

Niche down in your business by serving a specific industry

Another way in which you can niche down is by picking an industry to focus on initially. Now again, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay there, but it is a great way to start building your expertise and be known as an expert in that area.

You could be the virtual assistant to fitness coaches or course creators, or have expertise in creating sales funnels. So, think of your niche as being something that can be specific to your own area of expertise or industry that you could focus on.

Remember you never want to turn business away. Start thinking of ways you can be resourceful and be able to take new business on, even if you aren’t the one handling all of it. Bring on someone else to help you and share some work for you to expand outward.

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