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How to Manifest your Goals this New Year – 2018


Recently read the following article on, thought I’d republish it as I agree wholeheartedly with the writer.  In fact, I also caution in one of my articles on effective goal setting, about being extremely cautious when it comes to sharing your goals.  The principles are quite useful if you want to know just how to manifest your goals this new year – 2018. The primary reason is that any waning confidence we may have, or any uncertainty about our goal can be ‘energetically’ felt by those apparent well-wishers, who may just be secretly jealous of our goals and send negative energy (often unknowingly) that can actually derail our efforts or at least slow the process.  Have you ever felt that you just shouldn’t have shared your goal with someone, that feeling is there for a reason. You can read my full article here, (the section under how to manifest your goals) for a better understanding on effective goal setting.


manifest your goals in 2018


In the meantime, here is an excerpt from the article in Success Magazine which I think is right on track:

A lesson on how to manifest your goals

It has been said that the moment we set a goal, we should tell everyone as a means of securing success. That making a commitment to the world will ensure that we have the added pressure to see that goal to completion. But is that always the best approach?


Here are a few people who you must be careful to share your goals with:


1. People Who Don’t Pursue Their Own Goals

Every person has belief systems about what is possible or impossible, forged by a person’s upbringing. There are many people who will suggest you lower your targets to something that sounds reasonable to them, given their perception of possibility. By doing so, we commit to living socially acceptable lives instead of pursuing the inventions, businesses and behaviors that can lift an entire society out of the status quo.


A person who doesn’t pursue their own goals may suggest you don’t need to change. It is the selfish desire of a person who wants to feel equal by keeping you down. This is incredibly pernicious, as it will cause you to settle instead of strive. In this way, their beliefs are never challenged, and your goals are never fulfilled.


Manifest your goals  – to share or not to share


Even more subtle is the person who verbally agrees to your endeavor, but nonverbally disagrees. It has been stated that we communicate 93 percent nonverbally. By way of mirror neurons, our brains can pick up everything that isn’t being said, at the very least subconsciously.


A person who verbally believes in you but nonverbally doubts you will cause you to question yourself. You will feel doubt as you are thinking about your goal, and that has the potential to derail your progress before it even begins. As our goals are still developing, we need to make sure they are not kept in the company of people who live in disbelief.share or not to share your goals


Solution: Share your goals with people who have already achieved success in that area of their life, or people who are currently pursuing success in their own lives. They have the belief systems that doubters, naysayers and average thinkers do not possess. These are the select few who will disagree with you when you begin to doubt yourself, the ones that will fight your limiting beliefs and will hold you to a higher standard of life.


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