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How to Quickly Build an Online Business


Take a lesson from successful businesses, both online and off, regardless of the industry. Successful companies and people know the importance of training, task management tools and effective marketing campaigns in order to strengthen their abilities, position themselves in the marketplace and generate traffic. Think about how many people you can reach with social media, advertising, contributing articles to on-line publications, webinars, and events? Think BIG and broaden your horizons! The idea is that instead of just building a one-man operation, you build a viable business that can run without your involvement. There must be systems in place and a course of action to follow that will continual be driving your business forward.  


How to set your online business goals

A lack of structure leads to poor task management. Poor task management leads to lack of focus, lack of focus leads to poor results. The most important thing you can do every day is to look at your daily goals and take action to achieve those goals. Remember, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. And this brings us back to the beginning lesson – think about your overall objectives.

  • What are your goals – on the grand scale?
  • Why do you want to achieve these goals?
  • How would the attainment of these goals affect your life, your family’s life and the world around you?


Infuse your goals with emotional energy. We know thoughts are real. Thoughts generate emotion; emotion generates action – positive or negative; action generates results – positive or negative, productive or non-productive. The outcome is dependent upon the input. That is why it’s imperative to have daily goals and a strategy to achieve those goals – each and every day.


Most people look at the big picture, they know it’s important to set goals, but it’s also important to set milestones, check points along the road to realizing your ultimate goals. Think about losing weight. First I hate the term ‘lose weight’ or ‘go on a diet’ because those phrases automatically set a negative block in your mind thus triggering a feeling of deprivation. No one likes to feel deprived so the cycle begins. Better to make a resolution to eat healthy and exercise regularly – and end with the why. For example, I’m eating a well-balanced, healthy diet, which now gives me energy to enjoy regular exercise. I’m more alert, able to stay focus and get more accomplished because I have more stamina. The why is the thought, the thought creates the emotion, the emotion fuels the action, the action produces the result – it’s cyclical.   The daily goal then would be to eat balanced, healthy meals and do some form of exercise. The weekly goal would be to increase the exercise to 5 days. The monthly goal would be to fit into my old jeans – always in the positive (not to drop 8 pounds).


How to manifest your goals

The same applies to your business start with the big dream and absolutely let yourself dream big – initially this should be for your eyes only. The reason is that we are in a constant state of creation, putting energy out that others may not support can slow the process. Even if you are the most positive person on the planet and fully accept that you create your own reality.   A quick lesson in manifestation of your goal: There are three aspects that form the basics of conscious creation. The first is that the Universe is Mental; the second is that everything is vibrating energy and the third is that thought creates. This means that all things in the physical realm have their origin in the invisible mental realm.When you share some of your biggest ideas, goals, and dreams with people who may seem supportive but quite frankly could be envious you attract their energy and dilute your own creative energy. Don’t believe me, ask yourself – Have you ever felt that you just shouldn’t share something with someone yet you brush it off and think, “Oh I’m just being superstitious I create my own reality” and then you quickly thought ugh why did I share that…and sure enough things don’t happen the way you had anticipated or there’s a delay. That’s because, while you do create your own reality, if you’re not yet confident in your belief, you send and attract that apprehensive energy thus delaying the process of realization. Check your thoughts first and heed that inner voice, it’s there for a reason!            


In order to strengthen your belief, fill your dream with emotion. How do you feel when you achieve it, what will the day be like, who is with you. Get as descriptive as possible, I think it helps to add a touch of realism to make it truly believable. For example, let’s say your goal is a new car, besides the basics – what’s the day like, what time of day, who is with you etc add something like the salesperson is getting you a water bottle while your signing papers but he accidently trips as he’s handing to you and it spills on the paperwork and into your lap or your about to get into your brand new car and as you drive away you realize you left your license behind. Details will help solidify the belief.


Setting the vision for your online business

Do Your Know Your Five Year Vision?
Do Your Know Your Five Year Vision?

With that goal in mind, create the vision for your company. Every business should have at least a five-year vision statement, and in many cases a ten-year overall plan. Break that vision down into three-year and one-year objectives. Then, implement a 90-day plan of action, this is a crucial step in the process to achieving your vision and ironically it’s the step that is most overlooked by all entrepreneurs. The 90-day plan makes your goals more digestible, believable and thus more attainable. Your 90-day plan of action is not to be confused with your goals. The plan of action contains the steps that you plan to put into practice to help take your business to the next level. For example, will you hire a virtual assistant, a social media director, buy lead lists, implement a marketing plan, or begin blogging? Will you hold live events or webinars? Everything you do during this 90-day period should be focused on supporting your overall vision, if not then you probably don’t need it at this time.


Next determine your monthly, weekly and daily goals. Your weekly goals will naturally fall into place once you set your monthly goals. If you want to secure12 new clients this month and there are four weeks in the month, then you naturally need to set your sights on securing 3 new clients each week. Your weekly goals determine your daily activity. Once you know that you need to recruit three new clients each week, you’ll be more likely to do the activities necessary on a daily basis to achieve those results. If your not focused on doing the daily activity necessary to support your weekly goals then you will not see the results you desire – it’s simple math: A+B = C; Determine Goal + Daily Action = Results.


I’ve found that it’s easier for me to stay focused on the moneymaking activities when I take the time to visualize my overall objective and follow the insight I’m given each morning. A great tool for keeping myself on track is knowing, reading and re-reading my objectives. I attached a link below to the Clarity Action Guide, which you can download and complete according to your goals. Getting clear with your objectives and understanding why they are important and how they benefit others are key steps in the manifestation of those desires!


Download Here

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