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How to Write an Engaging ABOUT Page People Want to Read

Write an ABOUT page that people will actually read!

Do you keep putting off writing your ABOUT page because you just don’t know what to write? You’re not alone, plenty of people put off writing their ABOUT page because they just aren’t sure what to say. How much information should they share? Where do they begin? Should they write in third person or first person? Should they include a mission statement? A photo? A video?

Well here’s the deal – there are no hard and fast rules to your site’s ABOUT page, after all it’s your page. BUT the one key to keep in mind is that your ABOUT page is not about you, its about your client. How can you benefit your ideal client?  What service or product to you offer that will help your client? Read on for tips on writing an engaging about page that will actually get read!

Your website’s ABOUT page is the second most visited page on your site!

Which means it’s worth spending some time writing it.

Here are several tips on just how to write your ABOUT page, such as in first person, not third person as that is too formal for an ABOUT page. This is your relationship builder, it’s the page where your potential clients are getting to know you…and yes they are forming an opinion on whether or not they want to keep reading to find out more or if they may want to do business with you.

The ABOUT page is the online equivalent of meeting over coffee. I like to think of it this way: Your HOME page or initial landing page is like a networking event, it’s the initial meeting, or the explanation of what you do stage. The Trainings, Services, or Consulting page is what you have to offer, it’s factual, informational, it’s your expertise.

The ABOUT page though, ahhh now this is the relationship builder. The trust begins to build on the ABOUT page. This is where people get to know you and how they may benefit from working with you. Yet, despite carrying this much importance, the ABOUT page is usually an afterthought an often the one page that’s taken for granted and overlooked by many businesses.

It’s important to make the ABOUT page count. These tips will help you write your ABOUT page and determine just what to include and what is better left unsaid!

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