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Ugh, I had that idea too! Stop pushing your ideas aside!!

I had that idea too - but I keep pushing it aside

Got a great idea, but…

Ever have an idea that you think could have great potential, maybe just thinking about it lights you up, but…you push it aside telling yourself you’ll get to it someday?

Pretty soon days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and all of a sudden that idea shows up again only… in someone else’s life!  They had a similar idea but instead of pushing it to the back burner, they took action on it and now you find yourself saying…”Ugh, whaaaaat I had that idea too.”

Ideas have to come to life at some point

That’s because ideas are energetic in nature, and energy has to create. It has to express itself in form of some sort – the idea (whatever it may be) is the form it’s choosing to express in. Yet, we often hold ourselves back because we may not know how to take action. But, if we have the idea and it’s something we can truly get excited about then the first step is to ask simple questions, such as: How do I bring this to life? What do I need to do first?

How to take action on your idea

  1. Know that our questions will always be answered, we just need to be willing to listen. It could be that we’re led to an event that will give us an introduction to someone who can help us. Or perhaps we hear something in passing that leads us to the answer we need in order to move forward.
  2. Ask question(s) that will help your mind focus on the solution, rather than blocking those answers by focusing on why it won’t work, or how your too busy, or how you might not have the money or the time or the mental bandwidth  to start, etc. etc.  It’s so easy for us to zero in on the problem first rather than the possibility.  It’s a habit, we’re human and yep, we’ve all have those scripts running through our minds pulling us off track.
  3. Train yourself to receive the answer. I often say, “Thank you God for opening my ears to hear what you want me to hear, see what you want me to see and do what you want me to do.” Acknowledge your ideas and trust that if you really want to, you will find a way to take action on them. Better to take imperfect action then no action at all, and even if you ditch the idea the exploration of it could be just be what you need to bolster your belief in yourself and/or possibilities.


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