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How to Build a Thriving Business Online – Kindle Excerpt


Excerpt from How to Build a Thriving Business online:

Selling relies on marketing. Simply put, marketing is telling people over and over and over again just what you do. In order to make sales, you must make yourself visible. You must have a way to get your expertise out to those people who need it. Marketing is absolutely key to growing your business and it’s also the one area most business owners struggle with.

A thriving business requires clients. Which means you must find a way to connect with your prospects and have them become clients. In order to do that you must have a clear strategy and proper system in place so you can build, grow and scale your business.

Building a thriving business begins with a solid foundation

Initial Steps – Like all areas in life, in order to be efficient and profitable online, you MUST begin with a solid foundation. On the mental side you have to get clear on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Clarity is Key to Success – especially in the noisy online world!

building a thriving business online starts with clarity


Each individual client and each business I’ve worked with struggles with clarity at some point while trying to build a thriving business. So it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to expand your business online, if you’re an entrepreneur, flying solo or have employees – you must take the time to get clear.


A lack of clarity is like operating with one arm tied behind your back. There is a direct link between clarity and success – so get clear! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your business?
  • What are you offering?
  • What is your primary objective?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Is this something you truly enjoy and can continue to build upon?
  • What does your business day look like?
  • Are you working from home, or do you have an outside office?
  • Are you a solopreneuer?
  • Do you have a staff or virtual assistants?

*If your struggling or trying to figure out just what it is you want to do or why you keep starting and stopping with your ‘great’ business idea, you simply may not be on the path you really want. If you’re in business because of the potential to make a lot of money, I can promise you that you’ll continue to hit burn out. Now would be a good time to really get back to basics and get clear. The methods outlined in the action guide will absolutely help you gain clarity:

PDF Download – Clarity Action Guide:


Next you’ll want to develop your Core Message – Your core message is the main benefit your business provides your customers. It’s the primary reason why you are in business. It should be the intention behind your website and should guide all of your content.

1.) Begin with your Mission Statement

      A.) How are you going to help your customers or clients?

      B.) What impact will your business have on their lives?


For example are you a consultant? Your mission statement maybe something along the lines of:

“It is my mission to help entrepreneurs and companies meet their goals through ongoing planning and refining, organized objectives, action steps and accountability.”


Or if you decide you want to have a travel blog that allows you to write about your adventures or desired adventures but you want it to make money, your mission may simply be:

“My mission is to provide valuable travel information and tips for low budget trips, making it safe, convenient and cost effective to travel in style.”


2.) Clarify your Core Message – Take your mission statement and find the main benefit your market will gain from your business. This benefit will also be the basis for your web content and social media postings. An easy way to do this is to think of the questions you get asked most often when engaging with existing or potential clients.


3.) Determine 5 Topics that will Support your Core Message – List the topics that relate to your core message. For example, possible topics for a marketing consultant may be:

  • Online marketing
  • How to market through social media
  • How to build a list of prospects
  • What to look for in an autoresponder

You’re competing in a huge field, you have to know your audience in order to be heard and build a successful, profitable business.

On the physical side, you follow a system: deliver value, collect emails, always follow up, give more than expected, rinse and repeat. And you do all that with the following tools:

  1. A Website
  2. An email service provider (or autoresponder) to capture emails
  3. Targeted Content for Clients
  4. Marketing
  5. Traffic

Want more? Grab the book available now on Kindle or hop on the upcoming webinar: “How to Create Your ideal Business without Losing Your Savings or Your Sanity”

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