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How to live your true desire in life and step into your calling

Have a desire in your heart but don’t know how to live your true desire?

Feeling like there’s something else you’d much rather be doing? Something that truly makes your heart sing? It may show up every now and then as a feeling or perhaps even an uneasiness like you’re out of alignment or like something’s missing. You may be able to identify it, you may know exactly what it is that you want to do but you keep pushing it aside trying to avoid it, and even if you aren’t quite sure what it is you know that you’re meant for more.  No matter how much you try to sidestep it, you feel it, almost as if you’re dying inside, and in sense, you actually are. Because that desire, that ‘something’ is actually your calling in life, it’s your zone of genius and it’s been given to you by Spirit. Spirit is always looking to express itself, and it does so through us as humans, in fact that is how it is glorified.

3 Steps to step into your life’s desire & calling

So if you have a desire in your heart, you absolutely have the ability – more like a responsibility – to bring that desire to life. How do you do that? In this video I share 3 steps that will have you stepping into your desire and actually bringing it to life…you got this!!

1.) Acknowledge that you have a desire, a calling in life wanting to express through you.

2.) Believe that it is possible for you – this may mean squashing those subconscious patterns that can try to interrupt your efforts, that mental chatter – that’s ok we can silence those – I give an example the video.

3.) Finally, start stepping out in faith by taking action, even if it’s imperfect action or baby steps. Faith is always regarded and action aways creates clarity and leads you to what you need next. I explain more in this short video.

Know this – you have innate talents and gifts you are meant to live and share with the world, and just as sure as you were given those gifts you were also given the ability to bring them to life. Follow the steps in the video and let me know how you’re progressing. Need a little help? Comment below, I believe in myself. I believe in my innate talents and abilities. I believe I am stepping into my desired life.


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