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Q & A: Necessary Tools for New Business

For this Q&A day, I received a question from Teresa about the necessary tools needed when starting a new business. Teresa is in the initial stages of starting her business and isn’t sure if she needs to invest in a website or build her business with social media. She has been told she could use a simple landing page, but isn’t too sure what a landing page is. So she would like more information about websites, landing pages, and if she needs them to grow her business.

So just to clarify a landing page is a web page that gives details about a particular subject. It gives details to get help people to decide to join, purchase, or register. This could be a sales page for your business, or an event you host. When I host a summit, training, or challenge, I use a landing page.

To grow your business you want to make sure you are capturing emails so you can’t just stick with social media. Provided you have a robust profile, I would encourage you to have a website with a homepage or landing page to give a snapshot of what you’re all about. Focus mostly on your clients. Your About section is about what you bring to the table and whom you are serving. This should be followed by a little information about you, your upcoming training, and a link to your blog.

You want to include some of your content because this is what’s going to help drive credibility and build your relationships. By looking at your content, people can see that you are indeed an expert in your industry and how you can be of service to them. You can take a blog post and post them to social media, as well, but if you are driving people back to your website, you can have more options.

There are plenty of free website templates out there where you can plug and play. Narrow it down to five that you like and don’t get so caught up in all the aesthetics now because your website will change as your business evolves. The content is key to building your business, not the aesthetic.


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