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Q & A: Feeling Totally Burned Out in Your Business? – Part 1

On this segment of Q & A Day, I answered a question from Susan, a business owner who feels as if she’s starting to lose the initial excitement and seconding guessing her business decisions. She says that she has all the necessary groundwork done, but is struggling to get consistent, recurring income and keep her joy alive.

This is a common problem that many people face when starting a business. A large part of being an entrepreneur is being able to let go of the ‘employee’ mentality and step into the ‘CEO’ position and learn successful business strategies to avoid burnout.

Here are three key items to help you avoid burnout in your business

  • First, you have to take an honest step back to reevaluate your ‘why.’ Sometimes, it’s hard to maintain joy when you lose sight of the reasons you even started. It’s easy in the beginning to get caught up with everything that goes into the structure of your business, and forget to look at the reasons for starting your business and the aspects that brought you joy. The best thing at this stage is to step away and take a look at the overall vision. This time away is crucial and can have the ability to catapult your business forward. It is important to look at what you want your business to look like, for instance what do you want your typical day to look like?
  • Secondly, is learning the art of delegation and automation. By mastering these skills, you step into what it truly means to be the CEO. Implementing automation for most of the mundane tasks could alleviate a lot of the built up frustration. There are many ways to implement automation in your daily routine, for example; creating a recording, answering frequently asked questions or creating a group space where things can be shared.

When you’re starting out, it can become easy to ‘lone wolf’ it. Whether it’s for the lack of funds or a “I can do it all” mentality, delegation can be hard to adapt and can feel unattainable in the moment. There is a wide range of virtual assistance out there, and I guarantee there is someone that works in your budget and can help you achieve all of your goals, you just have to take the leap.

Connect to your vision often if you want to avoid burnout in your business 

Lastly, you have to take your overall vision and put it into clear attainable goals.

  • Where do you want your business to be in one year? What does that look like? Then, you’re going to break that down in quarterly goals, then monthly, then weekly and then into daily action steps. Those daily action steps are going to move your business forward. Anything that does not help your business grow is something you should not be doing. Finding ways to delegate or automate those tasks is key.

Unfortunately, Susan’s issue is more common among inexperienced entrepreneurs. Many new entrepreneurs start to feel overwhelmed and overworked which then leads to a downward spiral of comparison and feelings of inadequacy. Adapting these techniques will enable you to become aligned with your business, making it feel much lighter and more joyful.

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