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Q & A: Feeling Totally Burned Out in Your Business? – Part 3

On this segment of Q & A Day, I discuss the final part in a three part series on avoiding burnout in your business.

In part one, I talked about connecting to your overall vision and learning the art of delegation and automation. I also talked a little about how to set up goals and a plan of action.

In part two, I talked about the importance of boundaries — understanding the boundaries between your clients and prospects is key for your business’ success.

How Can Structure Help Me Avoid Burnout in My Business?

Everything we’ve talked about so far is key to avoiding burnout and building a concrete plan to move forward in your business. In this segment, I really wanted to touch on a topic that affects a lot of entrepreneurs in their first year; a lack of structure. If you don’t have a structure in place or you haven’t taken the time to build a solid foundation, then most likely you will reach burnout at some point. One of the reasons that happens is because a system has not been put in place to follow. A lack of structure can quickly lead to you trying a multitude of things and not getting the result you’re after.

How Can I Create Systems and Structure in my Business to Avoid Burnout?

In order to build a successful and scalable business, there has to be effective systems in place. Revisiting the goals you set for your business and understanding what you want your business to look like in 1 year, 3 years and so forth is key. A big part of laying the foundation is looking at what you want for the future of business and figuring out the customer journey.

Imagine yourself as a client in your business:

  • What does the journey look like from the initial contact?
  • Where does the client go from there?

It’s important to lay out these steps, in order to figure out the ultimate goals for your clients. The goals you have for your business should be parallel with your goals for your clients. Once these steps are clarified, it’s that much easier for structure to take form for your business.


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