Kim Thompson
Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Business Owner

I began the first decade of my career first as a salesperson then as a sales trainer.  I quickly realized that personal development and business development go hand-in-hand, your business will only grow to the degree that you grow. This led me to purchase a personal development franchise to incorporate into my sales training.  I’ve presented keynotes and sales training to the real estate, financial and insurance industry.

My specialty is helping people get out of their heads and into action so they can achieve their goals and realize their potential. I blend inspiration with practicality as both are necessary to create lasting transformation. Only through awareness can we change the patterns and habits that are dictating our lives. When we raise our standards and change our beliefs we elevate our behavior. We are then able to take the focused, committed action that leads to desired results.

As a multiple business owner, award winning documentary producer, business & personal development coach, I understand the value of vision, leadership, communication, systems and processes.  I take an inside out approach to life, focusing on both the mental aspects and practical steps that build momentum in business.

Having raised four children by myself, while managing a multimillion dollar event company and starting my own business, I’ve become adept at simplifying the complex and breaking through the mental obstacles that stifle success.  I offer inspiring and engaging messages to ignite the leadership qualities within each individual helping them raise their personal standards and tap their potential.

Kim brings 32 years of experience to develop effective leadership, efficiency and success for individuals and teams.



“Intuitive, Energetic, Magnetic!” – LES BROWN – MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER

“Amazing!  A true talent, doing fantastic work to help others.”  – ELYSE RYAN – ELYSERYAN JEWELRY

“A true helper!  Incredibly beneficial.”  – DR. JILL KAHN – EMPOWERHOUSE GROUP