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Tapping Your Creative Soul

Certainly we know the importance food, shelter and clothing have on our mental and physical well-being. Our basic needs cannot be denied. However, there is one item missing from the list that is essential to life and that is, the need to create. The act of creating is rarely considered a necessity of life, yet to create is vital to life itself.

Creating allows us to tap into our inner genius thereby connecting to our spiritual self. Through the act of creating we begin to reveal our gifts not only to ourselves but also to the world. Tapping your creative soul is to glorify life.

It is through the awareness and sharing of our talents that others are ultimately allowed to uncover and share theirs as well. Tapping into our innate creativity requires that we step forth with our unique voice giving the most of ourselves in a way that benefits others.


Uncovering and trusting your creative soul

The path to success requires us to continually polish our skills, adjusting and readjusting as we grow. When we continue to push our limits, greater talents are revealed and we are trusted with more. Have you ever watched in awe at the performer who seems to be great at just about everything, live theater, musicals, film, television and business. Or the business that is continually expanding, partnering with others, showing up everywhere with anything it touches seemingly turning to gold.

This is because they are following one of the most powerful principles for success; trusting their inner-calling. Recognizing, honoring and attending to that inner calling by developing and nurturing it. In doing so, they push through those internal blocks to the full expression of self, which ultimately leads to greater opportunities.  

Why more opportunities?

Because when we trust our inner creative self, we tap into the universal knowing giving us the ability to see more possibilities. When we’re in the creative flow, obstacles become opportunities. 

giving voice to creativity

This isn’t to say that you have to change the world or be the biggest, best or brightest. It simply means that you can fulfill your creative potential by giving attention to your passion. For example, if you enjoy health and fitness, you can fulfill your creative side by trying new activities, testing out healthy recipes, writing health and fitness articles, or even teaching others about wellbeing. The process is as important as the end product. It’s in the process that we begin to uncover just what stirs our soul.

The idea is that you develop who you are as a person; you acknowledge and enjoy your passions, in doing so you show up as the best version of yourself, this is infectious. This is why some people are more charismatic than others.  Why some people just naturally exude confidence. When you shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.


The creative soul always rewards

This does not have to be about making a living or how to turn your creative expression into a business. Yet, it’s interesting how the universe rewards those who listen to, and, take action on that small voice inside longing to be fulfilled, even the smallest of steps is rewarded.

There’s no telling how those rewards will show up for you. They may be in the form of money, praise, self-confidence, pure joy or love. But they will show up, they always do, and in accordance with your needs. That is how the creative process of this universe works.  

If you feel you have more to share with the world and are ready to start living your passions but just need a bit of help with the entire process, download the clarity worksheet.

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