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The 5 Things Necessary to Make Money Online

 The 5 Things You Need to Make Money Online

We tend to overcomplicate the online marketing process.  But it really isn’t that difficult, once you understand the necessary steps to make money online.  So here in a nutshell are the 5 things you need to make money online:

  1. A clear, compelling message that you can share to generate interested prospects.
  2. A demand for your product or service.
  3. A targeted market of people searching for the product or service you offer.
  4. A system to deliver your message, convert lookers into leads and a follow up process that converts leads into buyers.
  5. A list of potential clients and referral partners.

These 5 areas work together to create the most powerful form of cash flow – leveraged, residual cash flow and it’s what has made the Internet Age so powerful.  There are times in the world’s economic development that are marked by significant discoveries – the creation of the World Wide Web is such a time. Not since the Industrial Age has the world seen such an enormous growth of entrepreneurs. The world has become smaller with the advent of the web. A business in California has the power to reach a person or business in Australia instantly.

Email downloads, video trainings, web conferencing and online credit merchants have made it easy to conduct business literally with the touch of a button. So how do you get your little piece of the pie? How can you get your business noticed and create happy, loyal customers?

I’ll tell you in a moment but first let’s look at the types of businesses that do well – really well – online.

Top Businesses that Make Money Online 

  • Affiliate
  • Brokers
  • Coaching 
  • Community (Groupon, Living Social)
  • Informational
  • Manufacturer Direct
  • Network Marketing
  • Weight Loss/Health
  • Wholesale/Retail


These business models may work but none of these could do very well at all if they hadn’t realized the importance of building an email list.  Merely throwing a webpage together with various offers isn’t going to cut it any more than hanging an OPEN sign outside your office.  You need to promote your business and build a list. 

If you’re not building an email list then you have no online business. A list is key to your business success. It’s one of the 5 things you will need to make money online. A list of highly targeted traffic that wants what you have to offer. Let me say that again – Highly Targeted Traffic.

And now you may be asking How do I get Highly Targeted Traffic….

Well I’m glad you asked, because it’s crucial to online success.


There are really 3 ways to build a list

  1. SEO Content – Blogging with Consistent Marketing of your blog
  2. Social Media – Sharing information on social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus 
  3. Purchased Traffic – Ads, Traffic Co-ops, Lead Lists


But a list is just a list, however, a targeted list is like have a gold mine. I’m sure you’ve heard it said that it’s far easier to sell to a current client, than it is to find a new client, and that’s true. Often those that have purchased one item are more likely to continue to purchase. Provided you’ve delivered or better yet over-delivered and given plenty of value. Which means that the more time you spend getting clear on what your message is and who you are serving, the more targeted your traffic will be. Seems simple right? Yet this is the area where most people struggle.  

It’s not surprising though, when you think about the fact that for the most part, we’ve been told what to do and when to do it most of our lives. We have boundaries and rules that begin as soon as we’re born, time to eat, time to play, and time to sleep. When we enter school, our days, weeks and months are already planned. We merely have to follow the plan (and study of course). As we enter the workforce, we may take a “job” in which we have specific duties we are to perform in order to get compensated. Sure, there may be some creative freedom along the way but for many, the responsibilities and time frames in which to attend to those responsibilities are pre-defined.

Now if you’ve had a plan laid out for you since day 1 and all you’ve had to do is follow that plan, then Walla – you’ll probably have success at meeting those requirements and possibly great monetary success as well. But as you step into the life of an entrepreneur, you’ll be the one defining the plan, and that can be tough.

Most people start business for two reasons: One, they are completely fed up with working for someone else and dealing with time schedules, lack of freedom and possibly the lack of respect. Secondly, because they have a service or product they believe the world needs. Yet when they step out on their own, it’s like these great shackles have been lifted, their mind begins to race with a thousand ideas of what they could do. The imagination that has been compromised for years suddenly bursts forward and entertains seemingly hundreds of opportunities. And then confusion sets in, followed by indecision and its cousin inaction.

So how do you simplify and clarify your intentions so you will take consistent, persistent action? 


That question takes us back to the 5 things you need to make money online

  1. A clear message that you can share to generate interested prospects
  2. A demand for your product or service
  3. A targeted market of people searching for the product or service you offer
  4. A system to deliver your message, convert lookers into leads and a follow up process that converts leads into buyers
  5. A list of potential clients and referral partners

It’s much easier to take action when you are clear as to what you are doing, why you are doing it and you know what your next action step should be.  

Getting clear is the first item on the list for reason, it’s much easier to get somewhere when you know where you are going. When you don’t have a clear plan, you simply get frustrated and life on the hamster wheel goes around and around.  Clarity develops belief, belief strengthens faith and faith precedes action.


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