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The Best Autoresponders for Email Marketing – Pt 2

Best Autoresponders for Successful Email Marketing – Part 2

As discussed in part 1, autoresponders are used to automate email marketing campaigns.  These tools can help you retain your current clients and stimulate traffic to your site.  Autoresponders are a necessary component for any one or any company looking to increase business. While there are several autoresponder companies available there can be quite a bit of difference in ease of use, pricing and features. Are you interested in importing your offline contacts? Is integrating your list management with a shopping cart option beneficial to your company? As a company, what is your desired monthly spending limit? Based on your answers to these questions, different services and companies will appeal to your needs.

In part two of the best autoresponders for email marketing we look at the next three companies we highly recommend depending on your needs and budget.


Infusionsoft is one of the top high-end autoresponder companies for email marketing. This is for the more advanced companies that are already successful, pulling in six-figures or more and have an
email list of 50,000 or more. Infusionsoft enables the user to differentiate their buyers from their subscribers and then even mail specific material to specific users. Infusionsoft claims that they enables users to “harness the power of automation to organize your contacts, turn leads into customers, and transform customers into raving fans”. With a product that enables the user to really manage their business through the power of automimagesation, Infusionsoft charges several hundred dollars and even has a setup fee over a thousand dollars. For this reason, this company is aimed to help companies that are already successful and are looking for powerful solutions.



imagesGetResponse is a great autoresponder for small companies with mail lists in the tens of thousands to several hundreds. This company claims to be the worlds easiest email marketing company as they work to help each customer make $40 for every $1 spent. GetResponse sends newsletters through users emails in minutes, can organize and keep track of the results, and overall automate the entire process. Currently they’re offering an end of summer super sale where 1000 accounts are up to 33% off. Additionally they are offering a free trial for your first 30 days with GetResponse. This company offers 24/7 live supports and claims 99% email deliverability. With GetResponse you can, “import your lists and get started in seconds, automate your marketing with razor-sharp targeting, build professional-looking newsletters with ease, and publish designer-quality landing pages in seconds”.




1ShoppingCart is perfect for customers looking to establish an ecommerce store and begin selling online. This site is includes the option to differentiate between lists in order to mail just those who buy specific products, or the entire list. 1ShoppingCart is exceptional at email marketing and payment processing.
Westwood Virtual Associates says, “It’s one of the more reputable shopping cart services on the net”.  Although 1ShoppingCart is great at integrating your shopping cart with your email, there are some downsides to this company. 1ShoppingCart, being primarily a shopping cart service,
has lower deliverability rates than other companies like GetResponse, MailChimp, or Aweber. The benefit to using 1ShoppingCart is that your not managing an autoresponder and a shopping cart, you only focus on the shopping cart aspect because 1ShoppingCart has it all built in to one.


Which autoresponder is best for your email marketing needs?

When determining an autoresponder and email marketing tool that is best for your company, it’s best to first look at your business needs, volume and current list. Since most of the email marketing services offer similar features, it is best to visit the sites recommended above to see what fits, in the end it truly does become a matter of personal preference. If you already have an established business and a large list, a more robust autoreponder like Infusionsoft is the perfect choice. This is for the more advanced companies that are already successful, pulling in six-figures or more and have an email list of 50,000 plus. GetResponse is great for companies starting out with mailing lists of tens of thousands or less. This company claims to be the worlds easiest email marketing company as they work to help each customer make $40 for every $1 spent. If you are looking to completely automate your entire process at an affordable price, GetResponse will work great for you. If you’re looking to integrate your email lists with your shopping cart, there is no better option than 1ShoppingCart. It enables you to combine your lists with a shopping cart to increase efficiency and removes the need for a full email autoresponder.



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