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Uncover Your Life Purpose

Today, I’m going to take you through an exercise I have personally found beneficial. It’s designed to help you uncover your life’s purpose and determine if and why you may be holding yourself back.

We all have goals in our lives that we’d like to achieve. Whether its family, career, monetary, or some other achievement, what is it you’d like to see for yourself in life, and are you working toward it, or preventing yourself from attaining that goal?


Do you need to uncover or rediscover your life purpose?

To begin, it’s important to know we all have our own story and our own personal traits and habits. No matter what we label them, maybe for some it’s perfectionism, or imposter syndrome or perhaps even self-sabotage. No matter what sort of label you have for your behaviors or traits, they were programmed into us at a young age and have lived in us most of our lives. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to what those words are and to truly acknowledge them. Today’s exercise will guide you through self-reflection, essentially achieving a pattern interrupt with your subconscious to help you work toward your goals by identifying what those behaviors or habits you have that may be holding you back.

The path to life purpose

To begin, imagine a big open field. At one end of this field is everything you could possibly want in your ideal world, whatever personal, familial or career-related goals you’d like to achieve.  To get to those goals, there is a well-worn path that has been walked many times and is very familiar but it’s filled with twists and turns, hills and valleys. There is also an unknown path that may be unclear, it’s overgrown, there are sticker bushes and possibly sales yet it’s a direct and sure path to your desired results. but since it could be dangerous, you keep opting for the same old familiar route that continually takes you a bit off track and out of your way.

You have the ability to forge that new path, but it will require stepping away from your familiar and taking small baby steps to move forward.  Follow along with the below steps, and you can start forging that new path across the field.

1.     Be aware of your traits. Are you a nurturer, or perhaps a workaholic? What is going on that is stopping you from getting across that field and attaining your goals? Ask yourself, “Is this something I really want or not?” Look at it objectively like you’re watching a movie.

2.     Get out a piece of paper and write your name in a vertical column. Next, write down each word that comes to mind to describe you for each letter.

3.     We know that thought creates everything, so if you want to achieve your goals, you need to put thoughts toward it. Now, label the thought or goal so it becomes tangible. Ask yourself, “Are my behaviors taking me toward what I want? Am I playing small because I don’t really want to achieve, or because I’m afraid of being judged?”

4.     Finally, come from a place of gratitude. Give thanks for how those feelings maybe kept you safe, but release them and acknowledge that the behavior or feelings no longer serve you. Now you can move forward.

If you hold yourself back, you’re saying you don’t love or respect yourself. It’s important to remember that we all have worth in this world. You owe it to yourself to take yourself on a journey to figure out why you hold yourself back. Would you treat others the way you treat yourself?

I hope this exercise will help you forge a new path rather than a familiar path, to help yourself grow and respect yourself more fully, allowing you to step into a fuller version of yourself by truly loving who you are.


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