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What is keyword rich content and how do I use it?

You decided it was time to take your business seriously and finally get your website up and running. Congratulations, on taking a major step towards marketing your business as that is exactly what a website is intended to do.


But now comes the part of actually promoting your site and filling it with targeted content that attracts your ideal clients. As you begin the process, you’ve probably heard the term “Keywords” or “Key Phrases” on multiple occasions, and you may have wondered,  “What is the big deal with keywords?” “Why do I need to understand them?” or “What is keyword rich content and how do I use it?”  To help you gain a better understanding as to the value of keywords read on: 



Understanding keyword rich content and how to use it

Knowing how to use keywords is one of the most important things you can do if you want your website to be a success!

Do I need keyword rich content for my business

But of course, you probably figured that out already, simply from how often you see the word “Keywords” in your research! And in order to take advantage of keywords, you will need to understand keywords – what they mean, how they work, and how you can make them work for you.


When search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) put together the results that will show up in searches, they use keywords to determine which websites will show up, and where these websites will show up. If you have ever “Googled” something, you have probably realized why it would be important to get your website on the front page of Google searches. After all, someone is likely to click through the links on the first couple pages,  learn how to use keyword rich content to get found on googlebut it is not nearly as likely that they will jump to page 21 and click on those links!


The best way to understand what keywords are is to look at an example of keywords. And you may be surprised to realize that you have actually read through an example of keywords just now!


Because of the question this article answers – “What are keywords?” – there are a few important keyword combinations for this article to have within the content. Some examples of such keyword combinations are the following:


> Take advantage of keywords

> Understanding keywords

> What are keywords

> Keyword rich content

> Get your website on the front page of Google searches

> Understand what keywords are

> Example of keywords


Keyword rich content can attract ideal clients to your site


These are the sorts of things people are likely to search in order to gain an understanding of keywords – and by simply including those keyword combinations in the course of this article; it increases the chances of this article showing up in searches.


Each time you add content to your website, you should be aware of whom you are trying to target and just what these people are likely to search. Next, including these keyword combinations in your content, and promote that content consistently – that’s another key with keywords – you have to be consistent in using them and promoting content that contains them.   As you continue to consistently use a targeted approach with keyword rich content and promote that content the number of visitors to your site will begin to grow. 


Want more specific help – download the Step-by-Step guide to Keyword Research:


 How to use keywords research to get clients



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