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Difficulty Narrowing our Niche? Try this instead!

Help! I’m having difficulty narrowing my niche!


During this Q & A Day, Christina is a life coach who is starting to expand her business online. She is having trouble narrowing down her niche because she doesn’t want to leave out anyone she might be able to help. She has worked with a wide demographic including women, men, teens, single and young adults, but is having difficulty focusing on one group.

While we often hear that narrowing your niche is important especially when you want to expand your business online, if you’re having difficulty pinpointing exactly what your specific niche is, try focusing on the overall problem rather than a specific niche or individual.

What’s exactly is my Niche?? ?

Because it sure sounds like everyone else’s niche!!!

Here are some questions to help you identify your niche.

  • What is the overall problem are you solving?
  • Is there a specific issue or derivatives of that issue that seem to keep showing up?
  • Is there a specific type of person or persons that you enjoy helping the most or seem to seek you out for support?

I suggest that your initial description of whom you serve doesn’t have to be extremely specific and focused. Try identifying your target audience first. For example, “I’m a life coach specializing in helping people design their ideal lifestyle.”  This statement focuses on your Target Audience rather than a specific Ideal Client as it’s definitely much more broad than, “I’m a life coach specializing in helping single women over 40 design their ideal lifestyle.” This statement identifies your Ideal Client.

Your Niche would be even more specific adding in the solution you provide, for example, “I’m a life coach specializing in helping single women over 40 clarify their vision and create their blueprint to achieve that vision.”

If you work with many different people then it will be easier to start broad and focus on the target market rather than a specific subset within that market. As you step out in action by creating content around the broader service – whether that content is blogs, videos, workshops, social media posts – you’ll start to notice a pattern with of a particular type of person showing up for support or a particular topic that seems to keep coming up.  Pay attention, this is your sign as to where to place your energy. Your niche will naturally start to present itself, but it will happen much faster if you stop trying to force it in your head and start with what you initially have then get into action.

It is also good to remember that your niche may change over time, but you won’t know that until you step out and start taking action.

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