Your ABOUT Page is one of the most important pages on your website.

Why? Because most visitors aren’t old friends – they’re first time visitors who want to learn more About you and How you can help them. 

I like to think of it as valuable real estate on my site, so t’s important to use it wisely.  The guide linked below will give you some pointers on writing your ABOUT Page: 


We will be uploading the ABOUT Page on Day 2 – remember it’s not permanent, you can easily make edits, the key is to get it done!  

Below are links to a few ABOUT Pages that do a great job stating just what they do:

1.) – (great use of story telling as a lead in).

2.) – (clean, simple, to the point).

3.) – (Ashlyn makes it very clear who her audience is and pulls you in with her writing style, which is exactly what her business is about).

4.)  – (concise yet gives you a great glimpse into her personality and style).