Hi, I'm Kim.


I help people take the ideas floating around in their head and turn them into a profitable, meaningful business.


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Build a Thriving Business

Everything you need to know to get your business up and running in the next 30 days. No Fluff! No Hype! No Stress! Just the FACTS! 

It's time to stop talking, wishing, dreaming and just get it done.

Content Creation Handbook

The fact is your website needs content. But, what if you HATE to write? This book will have you quickly creating content that positions you as a leader in your industry & boosts your brand...

YES – even if you HATE to write!

Create an Online Course

Want to put your knowledge, your expertise into a course? This course teaches you how to confidently build an online course, grow your email list and sell online courses.

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You have Big Goals, High Aspirations and A Whole Lot of Ambition. But, how do you work smarter not harder?  How do you find that work life balance and actually spend time doing the things you want to do?

That is precisely why I'm here. I offer simple, step-by-step (more like action-by-action) training courses to set-up and expand your business through proven, effective strategies bringing you higher quality leads and more sales without the frustration and overwhelm.

Steps you can implement immediately to take you from where you are to where you want to be quickly and efficiently.

I work with entrepreneurs helping them to achieve their goals. I believe that business should be fun. The road to success should be enjoyable, not effortless, but certainly not a complicated heap of tech, jargon and stress.

Building on a solid foundation with the right tools in the correct order simplifies the entire process of marketing and sets anyone and any business up for success - without the overwhelm!

I started my company because as a small business owner I know firsthand how stressful on-line marketing and self-promotion can be. I love sales and marketing, but the process can be overwhelming and stressful, I'm here to simplify it.


      › Do you get lost trying to set a clear vision and mission for your company?

      › Do you struggle trying to get paying customers?

      › Do you have difficulty trying to build your audience of loyal followers

      ›  Do you get lost in the tech and the process of online systems that are supposed to be easy?

      › Are you tired of trying to figure out HOW to do everything necessary to build a successful business?




I've been there.  I know the discontent of wanting so much more but not knowing how to turn my ideas into my reality. I know the frustration of tech overwhelm. The complete angst of sitting in front of my computer not knowing what step to take next, which platform I needed, which products to buy, how to create more visibility.  I know how to help you make your dreams your reality.


      ♦ Over the past 6 years, I've built two businesses, in two different industries to over 6-figures in recurring revenue.

      ♦ I attracted the attention of major hotel brands as advertisers.

      ♦ I created a content development and marketing company.

      ♦ I built an event production company, handling high-profile, red-carpet media events.

      ♦ I do this from the comfort of my own home (except when the events are live).

      ♦ I travel the world several times per year because I love experiencing different cultures.



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Whether you’re just getting started, or have been in business for a while, every successful company needs a strong foundation in order to grow and scale. Once you have the foundation in place with a clear vision and mission, momentum takes hold and success becomes inevitable.