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Q&A: Ditching the one-to-one business for a one-to-many system

Moving beyond the one-to-one business for a one-to-many system

In this Q & A session, a marriage and family therapist hitting burnout learns how to expand her business online, help more people and increase her income and her freedom in doing so.

This information will be helpful to service based businesses, ie: coaches, consultants, financial planners, estheticians, accountants, freelancers.


It’s a common struggle for many service based businesses, meaning coaches, therapists, consultants, freelancers, estheticians, financial planners – how do you expand your business without having to hire an entire office?  

As one person – you the expert – people rely on you to help them with ( insert – whatever service you provide). But let’s face it there are only so many hours in a day, and if you want any kind of life, you can only see a certain number of people.  Soon the business you were once so eager to start is becoming a bit of – dare I say it – a burden!  Ugh, if only there were 50 of you, you’d be living your life. But alas, there’s only one you…so let’s get past the one-to-one and start helping more people in less time.

It starts by niching down. Take a moment to step back and look at your overall business. What are the most common issues people come to you for help with?

Is there one thing that stands out?  Can you expand on this topic and build a workshop or a series of classes or sessions around this one topic? This will become your sweet-spot. It will be the thing that allows you to grow your business , switching from a one-to-one business for a one-to-many system.

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