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Safe, Eco Friendly, Sustainable all words we hear associated with the environment, food, cars and now thankfully our clothing.  Many companies worldwide have transformed the way clothing is made, producing ethically minded, sustainable, all natural clothing without damage to humans, animals or the environment.  Here is a list of several companies currently leading the charge of eco-friendly garments:


MATA TRADERS organic dress Based In ~ USA Ethics ~ Fair Trade Federation Member, Organic Selection Best For ~ Dresses Product Range ~ Women’s Apparel & Jewelry Price Range ~ $$

Mata Traders partners with several fair trade organizations in India and Nepal that train and employ hundreds of artisans in marginalized communities, with a focus on gender equity and empowering women. They are similar to social service agencies in the support they provide to end the cycle of poverty for the members and their families. Health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare. Social workers on staff assist the artisans in addressing their personal needs,literacy classes, computer training, and regular workshops on topics like hygiene, nutrition, and parenting.


PACT organic sweater boxers Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified, Organic Cotton, B Corp Best For | Cotton Basics Product Range | Tees, Undies, Socks Price Range | $$

PACT ~ Real people making your clothing. They care about the process and the people who are a part of it — from the farmer planting the seed to the seamstress sewing the final stitch. Their clothing is sweatshop free, ethically produced, and part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made. Their super soft tees, dresses and underwear are 100% cotton. Their non-GMO cotton is great for you and the farmers growing it.


INDIGENOUS CLOTHING womens-tank-top-black-gray-stripe-eco-friendly-2-way-tank-organic-cotton-clothing-women-fair-trade-fashion-ethical-ethically-made-new-summer-style-S44340-black-silver-black-stripe-square Based In | USA Ethics | Artisan-Made Clothing, Organic & Natural Materials, B Corp Best For | Organic Clothing Product Range | Apparel, Outerwear, Accessories Price Range | $$

Indigenous Clothing use only natural fibers and the softest of organic cotton. The highest of certification standards guarantee that no harmful chemicals ever find their way into your clothes. Their artisans are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. They learn valuable skills while receiving the support they need to improve the lives of their families and communities. From organic cotton fields, to free range alpaca farms, to low-impact dyes, responsible practices ensure your clothing is as soft on the planet as it is on your skin.


PATAGONIA 25580_PZNV Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified Collections, Organic Cotton, Environmental Sustainability Best For | Outdoor wear Product Range | Outdoor Apparel, Swimwear, Activewear Price Range | $$

Patagonia was one of the earliest defenders of environmental ethics in the activewear fashion industry, and one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton. Patagonia is expanding its commitment to labor ethics as well by working with Fair Trade Certified factories in India, Sri Lanka, and Los Angeles.


SLUMLOVE SWEATER COMPANY black_tank_5_large Based In | USA Ethics | Artisan-Made Clothing, Organic & Natural Materials Best For | Sweaters Product Range | Men’s & Women’s Sweaters Price Range | $$

Slumlove Sweater Company is an ethically-made clothing line that provides stylish and quality products for men and women. All clothing is handmade in Nairobi, Kenya using organic and natural materials. The mission of Slumlove is to employ women living in Kenya, paying them fair wages, and using a percent of the sales profits to provide high school scholarships for children living in the slum of Kibera.


SHIFT TO NATURE tank_leggings_crop_back_pyramid__40703.1450159645.195.195 Based In | Australia Ethics | Fairtrade, Organic Cotton Best For | Eco-friendly materials Product Range |Men’s & Women’s Apparel, Activewear, Kids Price Range | $$ Shift To Nature sources the best of eco friendly brands that have a strong commitment to the sustainable and ethical production of beautiful clothing items. Their products are made from certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable textiles and that are also made through sustainable and ethical fair work production and business practices. You’ll find basics in luxury organic cotton leggings, beautifully made organic cotton t-shirts, dresses in unique luxurious hemp linen, and organic cotton active wear.


NOCTU womensnightie2indigom2 Based In | UK Ethics | Fair Trade Certified, Organic Cotton Best For | Loungewear Product Range | Nightwear, Loungewear Price Range | $$ With roots in Bath, UK and Oslo, Norway, Noctu is a family business committed to organic textiles and beautiful design. Their line of luxury night and loungewear is inspired by nature and the purest materials. All of Noctu’s cotton products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade certified.


Fibre Athletics Ethics | Made in USA, Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled Best For | Athletic Wear Product Range | Men’s & Women’s Athletic Wear Price Range | $$

Fibre Athletics is Chicago Fair Trade and ethically sourced and crafted from 100% organic fabrics and recycled materials. Each sale supports environmental and poverty alleviation projects around the world. Their versatile gear is high quality and can go with you from the trail, to dinner with friends. They’ve just launched their Pursuit Top, keep an eye on their website for other new arrivals over the next few weeks!


PRANA W1HARL116_BLACK_G_ALT_2 Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified Collections, Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Yoga Wear Product Range | Apparel, Swimwear, Outerwear, Accessories Price Range | $$

Prana is a pioneering Fair Trade USA brand partner. In addition to Fair Trade practices, the brand also focuses on using environmentally conscious materials that have a reduced environmental such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. They carry full men & women’s apparel, swimwear and accessories.


WALLIS EVERA 2_grande Based In | Canada Ethics | Local Production, Sustainable & Biodegradable materials Best For | Hemp Businesswear Product Range | Women’s Hemp Apparel & Businesswear Price Range | $$ Wallis Evera fabrics are sustainable, biodegradable, and chosen for their comfort, shape, and durability. The Canadian eco-clothing brand that maintains 100% local, small batch manufacturing using hemp as the foundation fibre for all their products. By ethically sourcing and developing exquisitely modern hemp blend fabrics, Wallis Evera aims to make clothes that can spark dialogue and inspire change toward a more sustainable future.


KUYICHI 51230122_2-2-337x506 Based In | The Netherlands Ethics | Fairtrade Certified, Organic Cotton Best For | Denim Product Range | Denim, Apparel, Accessories Price Range | $$$

Kuyichi was founded on the idea that socially responsible work conditions and environmental considerations aren’t just trends, but a way of the future. Kuyichi works directly with Peruvian farmers who supply their organic cotton, and even encourages them to become shareholders in the company. In addition to their organic cotton, Kuyichi uses sustainable materials like recycled cotton and polyester from discarded water bottles.


THREAD HARVEST Water_whole_sock_mannequin-350x490 Based In | Australia Ethics | Fair Trade Certified Collections, Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Curated Selection of Designers Product Range | Men’s & Women’s Apparel, Jewelry, Accessories Price Range | $$

Thread Harvest is an Australian based online shop that searches the globe for the most inspiring men’s & women’s fashion, each with a compelling story of social or environmental impact. They believe that fashion has the potential to do great things – things like pull entire communities out of poverty, free people from the bondage of human trafficking or preserve and restore our world’s natural resources.


EILEEN FISHER CKZ-W3814-NATURALBLACK Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified Collections, Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Organic Linen Clothing Product Range | Women’s Apparel, Accessories Price Range | $$ Most of

Eileen Fisher’s clothes are Made in America, but since 2005, they have been supporting an alternative supply chain in Arequipa, Peru. The cotton is local and organic, dyes meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and workers are paid higher fair trade wages.


RAVEN + LILY 25_lucy_striped_blazer_grey_006__47435.1455310222.450.800 Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified, Artisan-Made, B-Corporation Best For | Incorporating traditional artisan crafts and techniques Product Range | Women’s Apparel, Jewelry, Accessories Price Range | $$-$$$

Raven + Lily is a socially conscious, fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. They produce their clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories and home goods through partnership with at-risk artisan women in 10 countries at fair trade wages. All of Raven + Lily designs are thoughtfully made, and consider the impact on people and the planet.





GATHER&SEE 150801_riyka_s6_0608 Based In | UK Ethics | Certain Collections, Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Designer Brands Product Range | Women’s Apparel, Swimwear, Accessories Price Range | ££-£££

Gather & See is an online boutique based in the UK that offers carefully curated collections from the very best in sustainable fashion talent from around the world. You will find Fair Trade, Organic, Small Batch, Hand Crafted and Recycled collections from various designers on their site.


OLIBERTÉ 090_1439_medium Based In | USA Ethics | Fair Trade Certified, B Corporation, 1% Give Back Best For | Fair Trade Shoes Product Range | Shoes, Leather Bags Price Range | $$$

Oliberté is a sustainable brand supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. They believe in empowerment, transparency, and doing right by all. This means making premium quality products with a lifetime warranty, and it means treating every employee, everywhere in the world, with respect. In 2009, they started off as a small footwear company partnering with factories and suppliers in Africa. Since then, they have gained enough momentum to launch our very own factory in 2012. Oliberté is the world’s first Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory. They make every single pair of Oliberté shoes at their factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


GOOD CLOTH adapted_Polka_Dot_Wrap_Dress-_F2_6a32348c-19f9-49b8-9df1-f6ed5ff23ec1-1_large Based In | USA Ethics | Small Batch, Fair Trade Certified Collections, Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Handcrafted Clothing Product Range | Women’s Apparel, Swimwear, Kids, Accessories Price Range | $$

Good Cloth is championing the important message that there is a lack of understanding in the fashion marketplace about the people that make our clothing and what conditions these workers may face. Good Cloth offers customers a space where they can purchase fun jewelry, clothing and accessories that are produced in a way that is kind to workers and the planet.


BRAIN TREE CLOTHING mens-hemp-organic-cotton-clothing-3 Based In | UK Ethics | Organic Cotton Collections Best For | Organic Clothing Product Range | Women’s Apparel, Swimwear, Kids, Accessories Price Range | ££

Braintree is a natural clothing company with a simple philosophy – to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. The brands has developed long lasting relationships with their factories and supplies and the company works to ensure that every person who touches their clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions.


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