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Tips on Writing an Engaging About Page

How to write an engaging about page people will actually read!

Do you keep putting it off because you just don’t know what to write? You’re not alone, plenty of people put off writing their ABOUT page because they just aren’t sure what to say. How much information should they share? Where do they begin? Should they write in third person or first person? Should they include a mission statement? A photo? A video?  


Well here’s the deal – there are no hard and fast rules to your site’s ABOUT page, after all it’s your page. BUT the one key to keep in mind is that your ABOUT page is not about you, its about your client. How can you benefit your ideal client?  What service or product to you offer that will help your client? Read on for tips on writing an engaging about page that will actually get read!


Your site’s ABOUT page – guidelines to crafting an engaging about page

There are a few guidelines that will stop the struggle and get your ABOUT page on your site ASAP. First, understand the importance of an ABOUT page. The fact is that your ABOUT page is one of the first pages people view when they visit a site so it can have a tremendous impact. Discount its importance and you could be turning people away without even knowing it.


The ABOUT page is where people get to know you, it’s the online equivalent of meeting over coffee. I like to think of it this way: Your HOME page or initial landing page is like a networking event, it’s the initial meeting, or the explanation of what you do stage. The Trainings, Services, or Consulting page is what you have to offer, it’s factual, informational, it’s your expertise.


The ABOUT page though, ahhh now this is the relationship builder. The trust begins to build on the ABOUT page. This is where people get to know you and how they may benefit from working with you. Yet, despite carrying this much importance, the ABOUT page is usually an afterthought an often the one page that’s taken for granted and overlooked by many businesses.


Most About pages are just a boring mix of facts and history – yaaaawwwnnn. Understand that an ABOUT page should not read like a complete bio, blah, blah, blah boring. The Internet is about speed and efficiency. On average people will spend 3 – 7 seconds on your site, make it count!


Contrary to what many people think the ABOUT page is not about you! This page is really about your clients. Remember, it’s the trust building page. The reality is that just about anyone can launch a website and online business. So how do your potential clients know they can trust you especially when you’re first starting out online?


images-6Your About page is a valuable piece of real estate on your site it should address your values, brand and business while highlighting the benefits you bring to the table. The focus should be on connecting with your visitors. Provide a glimpse into your professional history, and sprinkle it with some personal information; a favorite pastime, activity, or place to visit…you get the picture!


This doesn’t mean you have to be a Pulitzer Prize writer but you do need to show your personality and make it engaging. A great way to do this is with photos. Who are you? Who do you work with? What do you do?


Too much information will only make people bounce away from your site. It’s ok to share a bit about your background especially if it’s led you to what you now do. Too many details about your childhood however, are best saved for an autobiography. Exception – if you have a crazy story that is noteworthy by all means include it but keep it simple, and on point! This is not the place for a rambling dissertation.


A great way to weave your background into your site’s ABOUT page is to use an excerpt from an interview you may have given or perhaps you can share an example of a lesson learned in your upbringing that led you to your present work.


Your site’s ABOUT page – some examples

Here are a couple of ABOUT pages that do a great job showing their background and expertise while injecting their personality into the mix: 


Lead Pages

I threw in this company’s ABOUT page because I think they do a beautiful job stating the benefits of using their services without sounding braggadocios. Their About page simply states in clear easy to understand terms just what they do and how they can help your business. Notice how they cleverly weave their mission statement into the content. 


Andrew Reifman 

I love this page – just his stance gives you a good clue as to his personality – he gets right to the point clearly states what he does, and quickly establishes trust.  He even ranks his level of expertise (including pool shark) on an awesomeness graph – gotta love it! 


How does your ABOUT page measure up? Take the ABOUT page test

Answer yes to these questions and chances are your site’s ABOUT page will serve you well!

– Does it draw you in?

writing your website's About page– Does it clearly state who you are and what you do?

– Does it highlight your achievements or expertise?

– Does it show your personality?


If not then it’s back to the drawing board.


Key points to address while writing your about page:

– How can you benefit others?

– Why are you in business?

What’s your vision?

– Who are you?

– Why should people listen to you?


Keep it simple, fun, on point, show a bit of your personality while clearly stating what your business is ABOUT!


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